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Rescue Academy Students Practice Vehicle Extrication

Last weekend, the Danville Area Training Center offered hands-on vehicle extrication training. During the extrication course, students learned to stabilize vehicles and use hydraulic tools, like the jaws of life, to cut through metal and glass.

Over 20 Rescue Academy students and EMTs participated in a tool demonstration, basic vehicle anatomy, stabilization with cribbing and extrication. During the first scenario, the vehicle was on all four tires. The second setup took place with the vehicle on its side and the vehicle was flipped on its roof for the third scenario.

"When students practice using extrication equipment and tools, it prepares them for real situations where someone's life may be in danger," Tommy Barber, extrication instructor, said.

Once students went through training, they were given a live scenario on Sunday afternoon. During this exercise, instructors only stepped in if necessary so that students could use their own knowledge. Afterwards, instructors critiqued the exercise and discussed pros and cons with students.

"We're preparing our Academy students for all types of emergencies they may encounter in EMS," Barber added. "From motor vehicle crashes to cardiac arrest, we want our students to feel confident and ready to respond."

Vehicle Rescue Operations (or extrication) is one of six certifications that Rescue Academy students earn over a six-month course. The next Rescue Academy will begin in September 2019.

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