Our Facilities

DLSC's Clayton T Lester crew hall

Clayton T. Lester Crew Hall

202 Christopher Lane, Danville, VA 24541

The Crew Hall was built in 1966 with several additions over the years. It is dedicated to Clayton T. Lester, the longest serving member of the crew with 55 years, and counting, of service. This building is the main hub of Crew operations. It houses five transport units, two response units, and a medium duty rescue crash truck. There is also a training room which serves as a third room when needed for overflow from the training center. The building has office space, supplies, and sleeping quarters for members on third shift.

DLSC's Northside Station

Northside Station

121 Maplewood Street, Danville, VA 24540

The Northside Station was opened in 2006 to establish faster response times for the northern part of the city. The station is primarily used by career staff members and houses four transports in the bay area. It has a break area, lounge, kitchenette and office space for personnel to use. 

Danville Area Training Center

Danville Area Training Center

630 Randolph Street, Danville, VA 24541

The Danville Area Training Center (DATC) was built in 2004 and expanded in 2017. The 3,600 square foot expansion allowed the DATC to add 5 new clinical rooms, a conference room and administrative offices. Now, the DATC has the capacity to host more classes and better serve the community. The Danville Life Saving Crew trains each volunteer and staff member at this state of the art facility. Plus, all classes are open to the public.