Community Paramedicine Program

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The Danville Life Saving Crew (DLSC) established the Community Paramedicine Program in 2017 to help reduce 911 misuse in the City of Danville. Community Paramedicine is a unique and innovative model of care that allows EMTs to operate on a broader scope. With this program, the DLSC is able to reach out to area residents to help them to live more independent and successful lives.

Hundreds of Danville residents suffer from chronic illnesses and heavily rely on EMS for basic healthcare. However, the 911 system should always be reserved for true emergencies like heart attacks, strokes, difficulty breathing, motor vehicle crashes, fires, etc. Community Paramedicine provides a missing link between healthcare and social services to ensure the chronically ill has increased access to healthcare and community services.

How it Works

​The DLSC monitors patients who dial 911 two or more times per month. Then, the Community Paramedicine Program Coordinator meets with residents who repeatedly call for emergency services, 20 to 80 times per year. Clients are removed from the monitoring list once they do not call 911 for four consecutive months.​ Oftentimes, weeks of informal counseling and social support is needed to help clients take charge of their health, find reliant transportation and develop a successful healthcare schedule. 

What We Do

  • Help clients better understand their illnesses

  • Educate providers and family members on specific health needs

  • Connect clients to community resources like support groups, veteran services, social groups, food pantries, etc.

  • Provide a home health assessment - assess adequate lighting, gas or electric safety issues, heating, cooling, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, trip hazards

  • Educate clients on the importance of taking prescribed medications and meeting with a primary doctor regularly

  • Connect clients with a primary care doctor and assist in making appointments

  • Provide wellness checks, glucose checks and blood pressure checks

  • Assist in substance abuse treatment support

  • Help clients build skills to better manage their health and rely less on the 911 system


Johnny Mills, the Community Paramedicine Program Coordinator, always visits clients in a DLSC vehicle.

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