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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Be on the look out for our Community Paramedicine vehicle driving around town! Our Community Paramedic visits Danville residents for chronic illness management, medication administration, blood pressure checks, glucose checks and much more.

"This program is a great opportunity for neighbors to help neighbors," Johnny Mills, community paramedicine coordinator, said. "The Danville Life Saving Crew is filled with local citizens who truly want to make a difference. We love being able to help our fellow neighbors."

The program began in 2017 to reduce 911 misuse. If someone dials 911 more than twice a month for a non-emergent issue, they are monitored by the Community Paramedicine Program. Oftentimes, these residents suffer from a chronic illness and require multiple medications, oxygen or glucose monitoring. However, these types of medical issues typically do not require an ambulance ride to the hospital.

Instead, the Community Paramedic makes home visits to assist the patient. Mills meets with patients to determine their individuals needs and assists them with their healthcare.

"Sometimes a patient needs to be connected to a primary care doctor or learn how to use public transportation." Mills said. "Other times, a patients needs help administering medication or figuring out how to use their oxygen machine."

The ultimate goal of the program is to reduce 911 misuse and reserve Danville Life Saving Crew's resources for true emergencies. Each time you see the Community Paramedicine vehicle, you can be assured that a neighbor is helping a neighbor take charge of their health, become more independent and rely less on EMS for healthcare.

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