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New Rescue Academy Offers 6 Certifications

A Rescue Academy is now being offered through the Danville Area Training Center (DATC), located at 630 Randolph Street in Danville. The first Academy will begin this Fall and last until Spring 2019.

"The Rescue Academy is a great opportunity for those just starting out in the EMS field," Tommy Barber, DATC's training coordinator, said. "Students won't have to worry about scheduling classes in other counties or missing out on courses that are only offered certain times of the year."

During the six month program, students will earn certifications in CPR, EMT, Emergency Vehicle Operations, Vehicle Extrication, Traffic Incident Management System (TIMS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS). However, if EMS professionals only need certain certifications, it is possible to sign up for specific classes only.

Afterwards, Academy graduates will have all needed skills to work or volunteer at any EMS agency in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Interested students can download an application here, or email for pricing and more information.

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