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Driving During a Flash Flood Safety Tips

A flash flood is flooding that typically occurs within 3 to 6 hours of extremely heavy rainfall. It is possible anywhere, especially near streams, creeks and rivers.

Flash flooding can become dangerous when people encounter high, fast moving water. There is virtually no time to prepare for flash flooding and it can often trap people inside of vehicles, businesses and homes.

While driving, be sure to never go through standing water on the roads or parking lots. However, when forced to drive through water, remember to avoid areas where downed power lines have fallen. Remember to drive slowly and steadily with your lights on. Be sure to watch for items that are traveling downstream because debris can trap or crush you. Lastly, if your vehicle stalls and you cannot restart it, immediately abandon the car for higher ground. As little as 18 inches of moving water can sweep your vehicle away.

Flash flooding often recedes quickly, but do not risk your safety to travel in hazardous, flooded areas.

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