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DLSC celebrates Christmas at Danville Golf Club

Danville Life Saving Crew members, Board of Directors, Auxiliary and staff met to celebrate Christmas and the upcoming holiday season. Everyone met in fellowship on Tuesday, December 12 at the Danville Golf Club.

Garland and wreaths were hung outside and a twelve foot decorated tree lit up the ball room creating a festive atmosphere. Different stations were set up for members to enjoy, including appetizers, a Japanese bar and desserts.

"We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and great start to the new year," Crew Chief Robbie Woodall said as he welcomed everyone to the celebration.

The Christmas dinner is a great opportunity to give back to Crew members for all of their hard work throughout the year. Volunteers must pull at least four 8 hour duties each month on first, second or third shift. Last fiscal year, Crew members went on over 7,300 emergency calls. Thanks to everyone's dedication, DLSC has increased their call coverage from 78% to 98% in the last year.

"I am excited that we have been able to improve our call coverage by adding support staff from DATC; but we as members have also stepped in and increased coverage on weekends," Woodall said. "We are looking at ways to improve our coverage even more in 2018."

DLSC emergency medical technicians touch lives every day when they answer 9-1-1 calls.

"As we celebrate this season of giving, I would like to acknowledge the gift we received over 2,000 years ago in that lowly manger. Our savior, Jesus Christ," Deputy Chief Keister Whitt said. "I now would like to give the gift of thanks to you, the Crew member, for all you do as we serve the public. This is a very sacred task we are given to help those in need and I feel each of you does it with great passion and dedication."

During this time of celebration and thanks, DLSC is grateful for the amazing EMTs who save lives everyday and the generous donors who support the non-profit organization.

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