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EMS Exchange Program in Germany

The Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads is offering an EMS Paramedic Exchange Program in Germany. This program began in 1995 to allow Virginia EMTs and paramedics the opportunity to observe how emergency medical services are performed around the globe.

Students will be able to tour hospitals, police stations, fire and rescue stations, and historic sites. Students will also be able to work alongside German EMTs and Paramedics on emergency calls in an ambulance. This program typically lasts roughly 17 days.

You are NOT required to be a paramedic to apply, however if you are ALS certified, it is a major plus. Exchange students will be stationed in the City of Kassel. The city is located two hours north of Frankfurt with a population of 192,000.

Applications will be reviewed by the Exchange Committee and candidates will be interviewed by a panel. Four applicants will be selected for the program and two more will act as alternates. Though food will be provided at no cost to you, each student much purchase his or her airline ticket.

All applications are due by November 24, 2017 at 5 p.m. Interviews will then take place on December 9. VAVRS is still working to finalize the program dates in 2018.

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