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Crew members prepare for MVC with extrication training

When a motor vehicle crash (MVC) results in an entrapment, oftentimes, seconds count. On Monday, October 30, Danville Life Saving Crew (DLSC) members were given a quick course on vehicle extrication so that its entire volunteer base can be prepared to act quickly when the need arises. Each month, DLSC offers hands-on Monday night training sessions to its entire membership.

“This is a great opportunity for our members to get their hands on our equipment and experience the kinetic forces involved in extrication,” Tommy Pruett, DLSC executive director, said.

During this training exercise, DLSC's Extrication Team and instructors were present to show their fellow Crew members how to respond when they arrive at an entrapment. Crew members huddled around extrication tools and equipment in a vacant lot in front of Robert Woodall Nissan, at 132 Union Street, where a mock wreck scene was create.

Crew members were instructed by DLSC Life Member Tommy Barber. He gave step-by-step instructions on how to respond when Crew members arrive at a MVC. After explaining the situation, Crew members were able to interact and practice scene size-up, stabilization and extrication.

"There are no dumb questons," Barber said, as he encouraged Crew members to get involved and ask questions about the mock crash scene.

He showed Crew members how to size-up a crash scene and check the perimeter for hazardous materials or ejected patients. Then, he explained how to stabilize a vehicle with wood to prevent movement and keep the patient safe. Crew members were then instructed to deflate the vehicle's tires and sever the power source. Lastly, members were showed how to properly cut through the vehicle's side windows and windshield.

DLSC has an incredibly talented Extrication Team that is prepared to respond to a variety of motor vehicle crashes. However, all volunteers who attended the extrication training will now be more prepared to experience a working entrapment.

By offering monthly training sessions, DLSC strives to prepare their membership for the wide range of emergencies that may be encountered.

For more information, check out footage from the extrication training session.

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