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Community Paramedicine Program

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Primary Care Doctors

It's important to have a primary care doctor, especially when managing a chronic illness. It's also great to have a primary care doctor to assist you with medication, treatments and medical questions. Emergency services should be reserved for true emergencies and a primary care doctor should be visited for cold and flu symptoms, immunizations, prescriptions, and chronic illness symptoms.

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When to Call 911

Emergency services should only be used for true emergencies that could be life threatening. Emergencies include chest pains, heart attack symptoms, pregnancy complications, severe abdominal pain, motor vehicle crashes, difficulty breathing, stroke symptoms, serious injury, structure fire or unconsciousness. 

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Healthy Living Tips

To stay healthy, drink plenty of water daily, eat more fruits and vegetables, walk more and exercise often, get regular health screenings and prevent falls by clearing paths of clutter. These simple tips can help you live a longer and healthier life.

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