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Holiday Travel Safety Tips

This weekend, millions of Americans will begin traveling to visit family and friends for the holidays. With an influx of vehicles on the road, remember to take extra precautions and prepare for longer travel times due to traffic.

Danville Life Saving Crew encourages you to drive with caution and follow these five important safety tips:

  1. Never drink alcohol and drive. Always have a designated sober driver or call a taxi for transportation.

  2. Never text while driving. If you need to text, make a phone call or use your phone, pull over to a rest stop or nearby parking lot. Don't risk your life or someone else's by driving distracted.

  3. Always wear your seat belt, even when in the backseat. In 2016, seat belt use in passenger vehicles saved an estimated 14,668 lives. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

  4. If an ambulance is behind you with lights and sirens, move to the other lane or pull over to the side of the road safely. Please clear a path so that the ambulance can assist a patient in need.

  5. If a police car, firetruck or ambulance is pulled over on the side of the road, slow down and move over to prevent a motor vehicle crash or injury.

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