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Hurricane Preparation Safety Tips

As Hurricane Florence nears the east coast, Danville is likely to receive high winds and several inches of rain. Though originally expected to make a larger impact on Virginia, the hurricane has presently changed course. Currently, Florence is expected to hit North Carolina and South Carolina the hardest.

However, Danville residents can never be too careful when preparing for downpours and heavy winds which could cause power outages. When preparing for hurricane rain and winds, remember the following:

  • Stock up on essentials: flashlights, batteries, candles, bottled water, food, medications and first aid supplies

  • Stay informed: Keep up with weather updates and emergency instructions by watching TV, listening to the radio and checking the Internet

  • Communicate: Talk to your family about how to communicate during a power outage (cell phone call, text, social media, email, etc.) and designate a meeting place if communications fail

  • Evacuate: In case you are evacuated to higher ground, have a bag pre-packed with emergency supplies and a change of clothes

It is also important to prepare your home and property for heavy rain and high winds.

  • Bring in all outdoor furniture and items that cannot be secured (grills, potted plants, lawn ornaments, wreaths, tables, chairs, etc.)

  • Use sandbags around your home to create a barrier to help prevent flooding, especially doors and areas that are prone to leaks

  • Put valuables and personal papers in a waterproof container on the top floor of your home

  • DO NOT drive or walk on flooded roads or parking lots, you can easily be swept away by large amounts of water

Danville Life Saving Crew's Dive and Swift Water Rescue teams are prepared to respond to water emergencies 24/7. DLSC will also be answering all 9-1-1 EMS calls during the storms. However, please leave the communication lines open for true emergencies. If you have a non-emergent situation, please call the non-emergent police line at (434) 799-5111.

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