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Teaching Stop the Bleed Saves Lives

Would you know what to do if you witnessed a stabbing, gunshot wound or high impact injury? That's something Woodlawn Baptist Church never wanted to find out firsthand. Instead, they asked the Danville Life Saving Crew (DLSC) to teach their members "Stop the Bleed " on Saturday, May 26. Now, more than two dozen community members are better prepared to stabilize a penetrating injury.

"It's important for everyone to be as prepared as possible," Bryan Fox, DLSC's assistant director, said. "This class helps the community know what they should do before EMS arrives."

Course participants were taught the basics: to alert 9-1-1 of the emergency, locate the bleeding injury and apply pressure to the wound to stop the bleed. After the educational portion, participants were able to practice hands on. Each person practiced using a tourniquet and securing the windlass. Then, participants were handed a foam pool noodle with a hole through its

top to practice packing and wrapping a “gunshot wound” with gauze.

Within an hour, participants were taught the essentials of penetrating wound care and how to respond prior to EMS arrival. After the course, community members received a certificate of completion and became better prepared to handle an emergency. Danville Life Saving Crew offers this free course to any community member and organization that wants to learn more about stopping the bleed. To sign up for free Stop the Bleed training, call 434-792-2739.

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