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Active Shooter Drill Helps Hospital Prepare

On Wednesday, May 9, Danville Life Saving Crew (DLSC) members helped Sovah Health - Danville perform an active shooter drill. Over 60 hospital employees, Crew members, police officers and community partners participated in the drill.

After the "gunman" was detained by police, DLSC volunteers entered the hospital and went to the third floor where the area was staged for the event. Patients with artificial wounds and blood were either escorted from the hospital or removed on a stretcher. Shouts and moans could be heard from the Medical Response Team tent as "victims" made the scenario as real as possible.

"It is critical that Sovah Health and all hospitals are prepared in the event of an emergency - whether an infectious disease outbreak, natural disaster or active shooter situation," Brian Trent, emergency management coordinator at Sovah Health - Danville, said. "We conduct annual emergency drills to maintain regulatory compliance and to ensure our employees are prepared in how to respond in the unlikely event that we have an active shooter on campus."

The active shooter drill also acted as a training opportunity for DLSC members. The scenario allowed Crew members to see firsthand what it would be like to respond to an emergency at the hospital and to practice extracting a large number of wounded patients.

"We have been assisting with planning this event for weeks," Bryan Fox, DLSC assistant director, said. "The exercise went well and helped to prepare our members for an active shooter scenario."

Crew members walk towards the Medical Response Team tent.

Danville Police cadets walk down the sidewalk prior to the start of the drill.

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