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Averett University Assistance

The Danville Life Saving Crew (DLSC) assisted Averett University (AU) and its nursing program with a disaster scenario on Wednesday, April 18. The exercise allowed nursing students to have first hand experience with a disaster situation.

During the scenario, an active shooter opened fire on AU's Riverview Campus. Crew members entered the building after the Danville Police Department "cleared" the scene and detained the shooter. Crew members then went from room to room searching for patients with synthetic wounds and injuries.

After DLSC volunteers and the Danville Fire Department brought patients out of the building, junior

and senior nursing students began to triage patients and work in a makeshift emergency room.

Though the scenario was created to help prepare nursing students for a disaster situation, the

exercise was also a learning experience for DLSC.

"We had a bit of a communication problem, on our end, with our radios that we had to work through," Bryan Fox, DLSC assistant executive director, said. "We had clarity issues and interference from being so deep in the building, but we’ve already talked about the issue and have a plan to fix it."

Both AU nursing students and DLSC volunteers are now better prepared for an active shooter situation or mass emergency.

Above: Tyler Campbell, AU nursing student and DLSC member, has a synthetic wound to his forehead during the disaster scenario.

DLSC members exit Riverview Campus once the scenario is complete.

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