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DLSC Provides Well-Being Checks After Turbulent Weather

An intense storm with turbulent winds caused extensive damage in Danville, VA on Sunday, April 15. Trees and power lines were snapped and roofs were torn off of houses in the Westover area, as well as other parts of Virginia and North Carolina. To assist community members, Danville Life Saving Crew (DLSC) volunteers, Danville Fire Department (DFD) and Danville Police Department (DPD) personnel provided well-being checks to Westover residents Monday afternoon.

Crew members and City personnel visited community members who were in the direct path of the storm. These residents were left with no power, no telephone lines and large-scale damage.

"This is a great opportunity to work with our community partners to make sure Danville citizens are taken care of during this event," DLSC Chief Robbie Woodall said.

Volunteers went door-to-door to provide well-being checks for residents on and around Westover Drive between Woodlawn Court and Hayes Court. Though utility crews are still working to restore power in many areas of Westover, residents in the hardest hit area are safe and have received any needed assistance that DLSC, DFD or DPD could provide.

While well-being checks were taking place, DLSC drones took flight so that volunteers could see an aerial view of side streets and the extent of damage. Drone footage allowed Crew members to see more details than possible from street level.

Parts of Westover Drive are still blocked off to through traffic as Public Works clears debris and utility crews work to fix and replace power lines. Though cleanup and rebuild will not happen over night, Danville citizens are in good hands as utility crews continue to work countless hours to restore power and organizations come together to assist the community.

DLSC Communications Captain deploys a drone to see damage from a higher vantage point.

DLSC Assistant Director Bryan Fox discusses a map of Westover Drive with a member of the Danville Fire Department.

Crew members David Fox and Jim Mullins work out of the Special Operations vehicle.

Many large trees were torn from the ground, taking down power lines and blocking roads.

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