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Crew Member & Family BBQ Dinner

Dozens of Danville Life Saving Crew volunteers filled the Clayton T. Lester Crew hall for the Crew Member and Family BBQ dinner on March 19, 2018. Members were offered an array of meats, sides and desserts to thank them for their service to the community.

Before dinner, Life Member Lee Hall prayed over the food and ask God to bless each Crew member as they serve the community. Volunteers and their families joined in fellowship with board members and community supports.

During the announcements, Clayton Lester was recognized for reaching 56 consecutive years of service to the Danville Life Saving Crew. At 83 years old, Clayton still attends all DLSC board meetings and events to assist the Crew in anyway possible. He was congratulated by many and had the opportunity to meet several City Council members. City councilmen James Buckner, Dr. Gary Miller, Lee Vogler and Madison Whittle ate with DLSC volunteers to learn more about the Crew's operation.

Afterwards in the business meeting, Troy Shelton was voted in as a member. Troy was certified as an EMT-B and became a candidate in August 2017. Since then, he has completed all training and duties to become a member.

DLSC is a nonprofit volunteer organization that is constantly seeking new recruits. All training is provided on location and is free to Crew members. If you're interested in becoming a part of our team, apply today!

Left to right: DLSC Board President E. Budge Kent, Jr., Councilman Lee Vogler, Councilman Dr. Gary Miller, Life Member Clayton Lester, Councilman James Buckner, DLSC Crew Chief Robbie Woodall, Councilman Madison Whittle

Crew members enjoyed an array of meats, sides and desserts from Pigs R Us.

Life Member Clayton Lester was recognized for 56 years of service.

Troy Shelton was voted in as a member of DLSC.

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