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DATC to Offer Mass Emergency Training

Is your staff prepared to handle a mass emergency? Do your volunteers know what to do before emergency services arrive? To improve survival rates during mass emergencies, the Danville Area Training Center (DATC) is now offering “Stop the Bleed” first aid training.

“The Stop the Bleed Campaign is critical to saving lives, especially in a mass shooting or mass emergency,” Bryan Fox, certified Stop the Bleed instructor, said. “It’s even beneficial if someone comes up on a major vehicle crash.”

This one-hour course will cover patient assessment, wound care, types of bleeding, penetrating trauma, tourniquets, wound packing and wrapping. Afterwards, citizens will be more prepared to respond to penetrating injuries, such as a gunshot or knife wound, before emergency medical services arrive.

The Danville Area Training Center and other Virginia agencies are working diligently to provide this training course to schools, churches, businesses and organizations with large groups of people. DATC plans to partner with city and county law enforcement agencies to offer this training to as many citizens as possible. DATC is committed to educating the public and creating a safer community.

DATC can provide this course at their facility (located at 630 Randolph Street in Danville) or at an organization’s site. For more information, call DATC’s business office at 434-792-1871.

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