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Trees for a Cause to Benefit DLSC

Carlisle School's theme this year is "Carlisle Cares." Since the school year began, each class has been finding creative ways to show that they care about others in the community. For a winter project, Carlisle chose to honor the Danville Life Saving Crew during the "Decorating the Trees for a Cause" fundraising event at the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research (IALR).

"We would like to use the opportunity that Trees for a Cause provides to further our campaign and give back to our community by supporting DLSC," Jennifer Eastwood, Carlisle's Trees for a Cause committee member, said.

For this fundraising event, the community votes on their favorite tree with monetary donations. All donations made for the DLSC tree will be donated to the Crew. Also, whoever wins the most votes, will receive an extra monetary donation as a prize.

Prior to the event, three DLSC volunteers took a Crew transport and the Special Ops Truck to Carlisle's Danville campus to show their students what its like to be an EMT. Preschool through fifth grade students were able to get into the transport and view the Special Ops equipment. While the children interacted with Crew members, Jennifer Gravely, Carlisle's director of public relations, took photos.

These special pictures hang on the branches of the tree that was decorated for DLSC. Alongside the pictures are model ambulances, medical gloves, training supplies, logos from both organizations and decorative ornaments.

"We are truly honored that Carlisle chose us to partner with for the tree project," Erin Gusler, DLSC's Public Information Officer, said, "They are definitely living up to their theme of 'Carlisle Cares' by donating the profits earned to DLSC."

Community members will be able to visit IALR at 150 Slayton Avenue in Danville to vote. IALR will host its tree Open House on Tuesday, December 5 from 4:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. (with public viewing days to follow). All donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to keep DLSC transports on the road running emergency calls.

Ben Crozier and Peyton Parrish pose for a photo with Carlisle students.

Jim Mullins shows Carlisle students equipment from the Special Ops truck.

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