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DLSC Works with AU to Prepare for Football Season

The Danville Life Saving Crew partnered with Averett University (AU) on August 28 to prepare for football season. DLSC will perform 15 football standbys this fall for AU and George Washington High School.

During DLSC's Monday training segment entitled "Friday Night Lights," AU Athletic Training staff discussed common injuries found on the football field, such as concussions and bone injuries.

"Sports injuries and protocols have changed over the years, so we want to be prepared," Robbie Woodall, DLSC crew chief, said.

Thomas Underwood, AU's head athletic trainer, along with his athletic training students, showed how they would respond if an athlete was injured. By working with AU Athletic Trainers, Crew members stay up-to-date on football injuries that may occur while DLSC is performing a standby.

At least one medical vehicle and EMT are on site during home games to address injuries. Oftentimes, athletic trainers are able to handle accidents on the field, but DLSC EMTs are always ready to step in and transport a patient if necessary.

An aerial view of Averett's football field, taken by a DLSC drone.

Before training began, DLSC and AU enjoyed a pizza tailgate in the parking lot.

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