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Recruiting Information

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be the leader in providing pre-hospital care to the sick and injured. It is also our goal to provide superior training to our members and members of other agencies throughout the community while providing opportunity for personal growth, career development and advancement for those who work in the EMS field.



Each Applicant

  • Must be of good moral character

  • Should be free of any physical limitations

  • Must be free of any felony convictions as specified by the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Health regulations.



  • Uniforms are provided to applicants/members upon acceptance into the Crew.

  • Training classes are available to assist members in attaining the minimum training requirements stated in the organization’s by-laws.

  • The local government entity will provide an exemption (decal free) for one vehicle belonging to each member.

  • Additional training classes are offered to members who wish to further their medical training.

  • Earn the satisfaction of knowing a difference has been made in the lives of members of our community because of YOU.


We are always looking for ways to increase the benefits of being an active Crew Member. You will always receive whatever benefits we are able to provide on your behalf as long as you remain active and in good standing with the Crew.

Join DLSC today!

To apply for membership, visit the Business Office located in the Danville Area Training Center at 630 Randolph Street and pick up an application. Download a fill-in-the-blank application, save as a PDF and email to Or download a blank application and mail to 202 Christopher Lane. If you are interested in Emergency Response, call (434) 792-CREW. Let’s get started today!

Click here to learn more about the Membership Process and time requirements.

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