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Join the Danville Life Saving Crew

There are multiple ways for you to serve your community and become a part of the Danville Life Saving and First Aid Crew!


You can become a volunteer! The DLSC's volunteers save taxpayers in the city of Danville and surrounding communities an estimated $6 million per year in equipment and emergency medical services. We are always recruiting volunteers to enhance medical and rescue services in the community. We provide all necessary training, equipment, and uniforms at no cost to you. Upon successfully completing and returning an application with the required fingerprint card attached, the applicant is processed and considered for me. Members are required to serve four 8-hour duties per calendar month. In addition to their duties, members are required to attend two meetings per month. One is the General Membership Business Meeting and the other is the Monthly Training Meeting.  There is additional training that requires re-certification periodically. On average, members can expect to volunteer at least 30 hours per month. There is always opportunity to volunteer more hours if the member has the available time. 


DLSC members preparing for the start of the 2021 Golf Tournament.


Jim Mullins teaching a BLS class.


Keith Carroll being recognized for his outstanding service at a Danville Otterbots game.

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